Paying It Forward In Philly


As I flew into the Philadelphia airport today on my way to Vegas, I was super hungry and I knew the first thing I needed to do when I got off the plane was grab a quick bite to eat.  I wanted to pay it forward in some way or another today and I decided that wherever I chose to get food I would also buy the lunch for the person in line behind me.  As I stood there and the people in front of me placed their orders, no one else got in line.  I was contemplating heading somewhere else but right as the lady asked me for my order, a couple popped in line behind me.  They chatted for a bit and the woman decided to get food elsewhere.  I placed my order and said whatever he is grabbing is on me as well.

“He” I soon came to find out is Kevin and here is a bit about him:

My man Kevin is a Philly native and Penn State alum who currently works for CSC Sugar.  He recently spent some time in Australia for work and for the weekend is headed to Vegas with his wife to meet up with his parents.

So many touching points here, it’s pretty crazy to think about all the people who could have stood in line behind me.  Not only did he just get back from Australia but we were also headed to the same place on the same plane.  Such a small world!

Make today the best day that it can be and along the way, spread the love and do something nice for someone else, GetLIVIN!



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