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Find Your One Word

For this weeks How to GL, I cover the importance of, "Finding Your One Word." No music, no special effects, just me a white wall and some simple words. The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one single step and this is my raw, unedited first step. I thought about not putting this up, running through it again and adding a bunch of sweet special features to it, but for the first go at it that that would be against my one word and everything that GL stands for! Have a blast, take action and do something every day that forces you to grow, GetLIVIN!

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Don’t Be

I went over to my assistant coach and he asked me, “Are you nervous?” I thought, OF COURSE!! That’s why I just blew it! But I didn’t say that. I just said, “YES.” My coach looked at me and I will never forget it. All he said was, “Don’t Be.” And then he looked back at the field. Don’t Be. Those two simple words literally changed my life. Anytime I found my nerves getting the best of me I reminded myself, Don’t Be!

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